Noobie backup questions/advice

am about to do a reinstall of my OS [xp pro] as it is feeling very sluggish and has already accumulated alot of junk a couple of months into the running.

the biggest set of items i have to backup [surprise surprise] are music and a few movies
i have access to both drive image and norton ghost. i have about 600mb of songs. whch prog should i use to back them up and will i be able to get 600mb onto a single cd or do i run into the problem that it is length of track that sounds [like when burning compilation cds]?

similarly some of these movie files are over 700Mb in size - how can i archive/compress/back-them-up in the most space-efficient manner [short of downloading again?!]

i would greatly appreciate some pointers about the whys and wherefores of backup as i have burned too many coasters recently already!
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  1. make a data CD and put there all your music, it'll fit no prob. about your movies, movies usually fit on CDs, check to see if the movies a smaller than 730,000,000 bytes, which is actually 700 MB. if theyre smaller, put em on a CD, if not you can back them up on a different HD if you have one and installe windows on the other CD. if the movies are mpegs you can buen them as SVCDs and they might fit.
    forget about norton ghost, it will do the opposite of what you want, you need to install windows as a fresh installation. norton ghost will keep your computer in the same $hitty situation it is now.

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  2. your best bet is to burn your stuff to cd, or copy it to another hard drive if you have one. cs game server -
  3. I agree I prefer to simply burn files onto a data CD. Makes accessing your date nice and simple.

    For important files I put everything into a folder then generate an SFV file for that folder, which I also burn to the CD. That way I know nothing was corrupted in the process.

    As far as backing up your OS

    1) Keep all installed programs on C: and all your personal files on D: You can change the location your destop, email store folder, my documents etc. from C: to D:.

    2) As soon as you finish installing Windows make a ghost image and store it on D:. Then install more programs and then ghost again. That way is something goes wrong you don't have to start over from scratch.

    3) Make a mental note of everything on C: that you will need to move to D: in the event that you need to restore from a ghost image. This inclued your address book, favorites folder saved games etc.

    I actually keep 4 ghost images.
    1)Windows XP freshly installed and updated.
    2)Windows XP with drivers and programs I know are safe.
    3)Windows XP with everything.
    4)Current backup, updated weekly or whenever I install something that my cause problems.

    Basically I only install Windows once per motherboard upgrade. And recovering from a software problem usually takes me less than 7 minutes.
  4. burn them to a bunch of cds unless u have an additional harddrive.
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