Dell Latitude D820 Not booting up or POST ing, no beep, no display

Hi Everyone,

Apologies in advance if this is not correct section to post this.

I have exactly same issue as thread

I have posted my problem on above mentioned thread as well.

Dell d820 is not booting or doing POST. It has win 7 enterprise edition.

When laptop starts

1-The HD spins
2-CD/DVD drive works fine
3-Power LED and Bluetooth LED is on and stays on
4-CAPS Lock, Scroll Lock, Num Lock LED's lit up for a three seconds and then stays off.
5-CPU Fan is NOT spinning.

I have tried below

A)- Removing the Hard Disk but same symptoms as above.
B)- Removed one RAM at a time, same symptoms as above except CAPS and Scroll Lock LED's flash continuously and Num lock LED stays on.
C) Put back both RAM but switched them in different slot, same symptoms as above.
D)- Power up with battery/ without battery and direct A/C current, same symptoms as above.

One week previous to this problem, I started having issues with laptop where for no reason it would freeze the running applications, however i was able to open the task manager and CPU load was not more than some 10%, Memory load was less than half (4GB Ram is installed). No program was consuming heavy resources.

The inbuilt Wireless Network Card was failing frequently by itself after working for a while. screen would go blank. the only way review was to restart the laptop.

I am not sure if it can help in diagnostic but though it would be good to provide bit of history of recent days before laptop died.

Could you please provide some guidance as what could be the issue, it seems either Motherboard is not passing enough current or CPU / Motherboard died.

I would highly appreciate if you could please help me.

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  1. If I recall my Dell certification training correctly, the flashing LEDs you mentioned is the code for bad RAM. I may be wrong about that part, but the LED pattern is a diagnostic code, so if you find the online service manual for that specific model, it should tell you what that specific code means which will help you narrow things down in your effort to solve the issue.
  2. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for response.

    I understand the LED could indicate issue with RAM but I try one RAM stick at a time then only CAPs/Scroll LEd flashing occurs (I have 2X 2GB ). If I put back both of the sticks then its back to the same issue.

    I guess if it was bad RAM or Bad Slot it should work with either of different combination of one RAM and diff slot.
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