Beware of P4C800 "Cheap" BIOS!!!!!

I just got a brand spankin new Asus P4C800(replacing my old A7N8X) and i flashed the BIOS to 1010, It corruped!!! I tryed it again, same thing after i changed a setting or rebooted a couple of times!! Then after i reflashed to original, it completely crappped out and BIOS was history, lol. Now it's in the "asus" shop. Freaking cost me an extra 20 bucks to ship it becuase they are too incompetent to make good BIOS chip that holds BIOS correctly!!! I have flashed BIOS's on every mother board manny manny manny times and i have never had one corrupt!!!!!!! Gay Gay Gay!!!!! Cheese Monkeys!!!!
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  1. I feel your pain!

    I want to die like my my sleep...not screaming in terror like his passengers.
  2. Not for nothing and not being an ace in computers but I have the same feeling as you about Asus mobos. Seems like there are more unhappy users than there are ones that are happy with them. If not Asus what then? My reading tells me that Intel and Gigabyte seem to me to be the only boards with less complaints?

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  3. checkout DFI, I remember in one motherboard review on this site that the nFII LAN Party was one of the only two boards that beat Asus' A7N8X. The accessories are superb, including a pc carry bag and round ide cables, I don't know about their intel boards, but I don't doubt their great too

    Mark Casey
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