HP Drivers can't be found on website - page isn't there.

So I've checked a few of their models on HP's support webpage and when I go to download a certain driver it just redirects me to an HP Error page saying the page could not be found.

I installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 on a new HP laptop when I replaced the hdd with an ssd and while I could find some drivers like the wifi, I can't get others like graphics, trackpad or the keyboard shortcuts to adjust brightness, volume, etc..

The model I'm using is the Envy 4 Sleekbook 1030-us but the drivers should be pretty much the same for any of the sleekbook models. I tried talking to their customer support about a week ago and all they told me was to wait but idk is there another way I could get ahold of some of these?
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More about drivers found website page there
  1. Hi cthomas1489,
    Not sure if you have already located the drivers but I have provided the link below:

  2. Your notebook's brightness button should work after installing driver for Integrated graphics.
    For Intel Integrated Graphics Card you can download driver from Intel Download Centre.
    This will fix the brightness key.
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