Which is better AMD APU E-300 Dual Core 1.3 Ghz OR Intel Pentium Dual Core-B950

Looking for a budget laptop and i need to make a quick decision.

Which out of the two processors is better in terms of performance ?

Main use is PHP Programming (Netbeans ,notepad++, run Apache/Mysql in the background on this development machine) and occasionally watch videos, use word etc...

Also, I like to keep multiple browser tabs and windows open while working...

The Amd Laptop has a AMD Hudson M1 chipset motherboard while the Intel Pentium Laptop has Mobile Intel 7 Series Express Chipset motherboard.

Both laptops are almost similar in configuration for rest of the components.

Please feel free to make a recommendation in case there's a better alternative available at a similar price range...
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  1. The Intel one is faster: 2.1 GHz against just 1.3 GHz (AMD). Intel has a L3 cache of 2M while AMD has only L1 and L2 cache. Intel has also a faster GPU: 650 MHz vs 488 MHz. Intel also allows you placing faster Ram: 1333 vs 1066.

    I´g go with Intel in this case, as it should performance better.
  2. hmm... seems good advice but are the cpu speeds comparable or are they a different measure for each processor as they use different architectures?
  3. About $400 ...
  4. Thanks a lot both of you...
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