XP failing to install on Promise Raid 0

PC spec:
P4 2.8
Asus P4C800 deluxe mobo
2 x Maxtor 120GB Sata HDD
Bios v 1.008

Latest Fastrack drivers 1.0.30

I am trying to install XP onto the Maxtor drives. I have created an array with the 2 Maxtor hdds and then a 7GB active partition on that. When I install XP from cd the installation fails at the point when XP is preparing the install( 34 minutes left just before the window prompting for Country lang and keyboard) I have the latest 378ATA drivers for the promise card which I add at the begining of the XP install(F6)

After saying yes to accepting the WinXP fasttrack drivers that are not XP logo comp. the PC blue screens saying Kernel_data_inpage_error. Sometimges before that happens a message pops up saying cannot load mouse device drivers (primary ide,secondary ide .etc).

The Maxtor 120GB SATA drive comes with the normal (4 pin) power adpater and the new sata power adapter. I am using the 4 pin power cable. Will this stop me from being able to use RAID correctly ? I can create a raid 0 and create a partition. Format it and even copy files to it and use it, in dos. but I cant install windows on to the raid drive. But if I dont use the raid conroller and use the Sata 1 & sata 2 ports on the board my drives work fine as single drives and I install XP no problem! still using the same fastrack driver. I am totally stuck and cant find anything on the manufac sites.

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  1. shot in the dark...

    what about trying the <A HREF="http://(
    " target="_new">1.25 drivers</A>

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    jlanka (. .)
  2. I have tried all the drivers there are. Still no luck. CAn some one please tell me want I am doing wrong. These are the steps I am doing to install XP on RAID drive

    1) Attach SATA HDDs to the RAID 1 and RAID 2 ports on the motherboard.
    2) Attach 4pin power cable to HDDs
    3) Start PC & hit ctrl-f and create raid 0 with the 2 HDDs
    4) Boot up PC with dos disk and create a 7GB partition on the RAID drive.Leaving the rest of the drive to be confirgured in windows XP.
    5) Reboot, insert XP cd , change bios to boot of cd.
    6) Xp boot,Press F6 and choose Fasttrack drive for XP of a:
    7) Format 7GB part to FAT32
    8) XP copies files and reboots
    9) XP prepares installation and loads device drives.Asks if I want to use WinXP fasttrack driver which is not XP compilant. I say yes
    10) Then XP should start the window with Country type and language type but bluescreens with Kernel_input_error.

    Is that not the correct why of doing it ? I have oticed that when I take those same drives and place them on SATA1 & SATA2 port on the motherboard and boot up in to fdisk. Only one of the disk has a 7GB part and the other is blank.I can even go into dos and see all the window file on that disk. I thought with RAID 0 I shouldnt be able to see file and both drives would be affected. Is the RAID not set correctly?
  3. first thing I'd modify is the creation of a 7GB partition with the DOS boot. Just boot off the CD and create all your partitions from the install utilities. NTFS right off the bat.

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    jlanka (. .)
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