Windows 7 install Stuck at post.

I recently attempted to install Windows 7 and have hit a roadblock.
I Burnt the windows ISO to a dvd, Changed the boot device order to cd drive, booted up the windows disk, installed windows 7. I selected my language and keyboard configuration, windows did it's thing and restarted. Windows asked me for a user name and password - okay - windows did its thing... but that's where things get hairy. Windows is "finalizing" settings and at the very last second says "welcome" followed abruptly by "good bye" and then my system reboots.

My computer goes through post and then get stuck at "Verifying DMI pool data.......AMD data change...... update new data to DMI!......update successful"

I've tried rebooting, altering settings in BIOS, i've booted up the ubuntu 10.04 live disk and verified that there is a windows 7 file system installed.

I've tried reinstalling windows in not only 64bit, but 32bit as well. I've re burnt the ISO from three separate computers now.

All and all, I've spent almost 20 hours in the past three days straining my brain trying to get this work and I'm really frustrated. Can anyone help?
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  1. Where did you obtain the iso file, while the Windows welcome message is normal an abrupt good buy isn't, it would say Windows is shutting down.
  2. My mistake, it does say windows is shutting down. A relative In the IT Field gave me the image on a flash drive.
  3. Try resetting bios to default.
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