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So the Lenovo Y580 just seems way too good to be seemingly destroys the competition around its price point. IB i7, Kepler-based 660M, backlit keyboard, full HD screen, mSATA slot, Blu-ray drive, with a Win7 license all for $1000. I just want to know from those of you who own it--it seems like Lenovo has to be cutting corners somewhere to achieve this price point. Is the Y580 really a safe purchase? Is it as good a laptop (and value) as it seems?
Thanks for the input.
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  1. I'm pretty well set on it, after seeing the G55 without Optimus. Plus the Lenovo flys under most people's radar, where the Asus will get looks. Seems to be a reasonably well built unit, and checks all the boxes.
  2. cetane said:
    I'm pretty well set on it, after seeing the G55 without Optimus. Plus the Lenovo flys under most people's radar, where the Asus will get looks. Seems to be a reasonably well built unit, and checks all the boxes.

    How do you like the screen?
  3. The whole stigma of glossy displays is overblown a bit. Sure I'd prefer a matte screen, but how often do you honestly use such a laptop outside in full sunlight? I have a Dell Latitude 13.3 with a matte screen from work for the rougher stuff and use outdoors.
  4. Even indoors I find a glossy screen very annoying.

    I used a Green Onion Screen Protector to take care of the glossy LCD screen on my Lenovo Y470. Here's a link to a 15.6" version.
  5. I guess it depends on the screen in question. Some older HP's were quite unbearable, but of the newer glossy-type 1080 displays I've seen, most are tolerable. 1366x768 screens seem to be affected more by the "gloss."
  6. Quote:
    It's not "too good" and although he is a strong competitor, there is a competition:

    1. Sager laptops with lots of upgrade options, especially the very high quality AUO screen.

    2. for 17.3", HP Envy 17t-3200, with Radeon 7850M and I5-3210M and FullHD IPS screen. It's an I5 and 6GB vs I7 and 8GB, but you do get the IPS screen and the looks of Envy:

    Could you give me some Sager examples that have that high quality screen? Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.
  7. Quote:
    I will, but you better write your what's budget, which games you want to play, screen size, battery - things like that, because maybe you need a 600$ laptop.

    1. 660M: Xoticpc has now a new model - NP6370. It comes with an I5, GTX 660M, FullHD screen:

    The Sager series is based on the high quality Clevo barebones which are pretty good. The NP6370 is based on the new w370et barebone, so I don't know what is its quality but I guess it's good.
    It has GTX 660M and you can configure the screen for a matte one (+30$) or the very high quality one (AUO I think) for 185$ - too much.
    I think that the default FHD screen they put there is on the level of what you'll get in the Y580.

    When the reviews will be out we'll know how good is this laptop.

    2. NP6165 with the GT 650M and the screen upgrade is cheaper (+75$). For 950$ you get GT 650M, Intel I5-3210M and top of the line FHD screen (and a good case)

    3. NP9130 - GTX 670M, I5, same screen options. Regular price is 1100$

    Oh man, that 6370 looks perfect except the 17" screen! I need that in a 15", 17 is too big for me. What I'd really like is a sager 15" w/ 660M. Does that exist? And BTW, my budget's around $1000, but relatively flexible.
  8. Quote:
    forgot it's a 17.3"
    I don't think it is a better offer than the Lenovo. The Lenovo Y570/Y580 has at least as high build quality as the Clevo.

    I didn't mean to say that the Y580 isn't good. It's pretty good, it just not the only one. For 1000$ you do get FHD, GTX 660M, I7, 8GB DDR3, very high build quality and good JBL speakers:

    you still haven't told us which games you intend to play. Sometimes people pay 1000$ to play Minecraft while they can pay 400$

    I'm gonna be playing the latest games at the highest settings possible. I already have a desktop, so I'm not looking for unmatched power, but I want the best performance (and general quality) I can get for around $1000, in a 15", full HD package.
  9. I've had the Y580 with the 660m for a month now and I can say it is definitely a nice machine. Seems to have a lot of power behind it and it games quite nicely. The only thing I did was put in a 256GB ssd and the machine is a beast. Its also relatively lightweight especially compared to the ASUS models that are comparable.
  10. I am also still deciding between this or sgaer laptops and ther is the 15 inch one with 660 m in sager or was it msi
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