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send the solution for vertical line appearing on LCD monitors plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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  1. if your monitor is under warranty you will be able to send it in and they'll replace it, but otherwise you just need a new one
  2. only two vertical line's are coming is repairable plzzzzzz suggest
  3. try to get it replaced, one day it might revert to normal but I wouldn't get my hopes up and please refrain from using things like "plzzzz"
  4. you're sure it is repairable? generally when there are any lines or anything coming out, something is damaged. Yes I'm sure if you are really really dedicated and want to tear the monitor apart it can be repaired, but I just have a feeling that its no easy fix. But I guess it might be if you're so sure
  5. As far as I'm aware, due to the process of making lcd screens, they can be replaced, not repaired.
  6. Start with a new cable and a different computer, just to rule out that the problem is not something else.

    I repair monitors all the time. Normally if it goes dark and but you can see the picture with a flash light that is a bad cap on the power inverter. Very easy to fix. If the monitor goes "out of sync" or tells you there is no signal when you know there is that is normally the controller chip, easy to replace the controller board if you can get it cheap. If the monitor produces dead spots or colored lines as the result of trauma or just because that, is normally the glass panel. I have not found a way to fix that.
  7. All right! Download this software this will show you exact those places where the dead pixel are appearing this softwares contain different types of colours check with each colour and see the dead pixels clearly by the way there is no way to fix it.
  8. Solution: Buy a new monitor.
  9. Check You Tube for your model and watch video on how to change the screen. Takes one #1 Phillips screw driver about 6 screws and ten minutes. Screen for 15.6 inch costs about $48 on Amazon.
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