ASUS K55VM:Should I buy it??

I am a college student and want to buy a good laptop for my day to day use and also for personal entertainment, since it is my only source for the same... My budget is strictly around 55k in India. I can go to hyderabad, so no shortage of options! I also want to play mid and high level games like crysis 2, battlefield 3 etc. maybe sometimes 4-5 hoirs continuosly! While researching for the correct laptop i came across the ASUS K55VM as my best option! Its configuration literally rocks for me, and the brand name is not to be argued with! Until, i saw a forum on this website telling me that this laptop heats up very fastly, within 20 mins of play! I was shocked to see this!! Is the problem really so severe?? And, also ASUS is not providing genuine Windows with the laptop. I thought about a cracked pirated version. Is there will be a problem??
Please help!!!!
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  1. which laptop did u finally decide to buy??
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