Just built computer, but cannot get Windows 7 to install

I just built a computer, but it will not load an OS. I got Windows 7 x64 to load once, and everything worked perfect for about an hour while I updated my drivers and whatnot, but then it froze and erased the hard drive. I've been trying to install it the exact same file in the same way off my flash drive and it just won't work. I've tried to switch the ram around and remove one each time, using the cd, using a friends cd, using new connectors from the cpu to each drive and I even tried installing Windows Xp pro but it didn't work for any of that. Here are the parts that I put in my computer, maybe some aren't compatible with each other? I have no idea what to do and I've pretty much hit a dead end, so any help is appreciated.

AMD Phenom II 965 Black 3.4GHz
Gigabyte GA-890 FXA-UD5
Caviar Black 1TB SATA/300 7200RPM
DDR3 4GB PC1600c7 Dual
LG 22x GH22NS40

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  1. Will the mobo still post and boot into bios?

    My first assumption would be that you have a shoddy harddrive. Do you have another computer that you could test it on, or another hdd you can use instead?
  2. Do you have a legit copy of Win7 ?
  3. It wouldn't matter if his copy is legit or not as long as the cd is not scratch and he tested it to make sure his boot leg os burned correctly i think it's your hard drive causing the issue either that or when you were updating drivers something went wrong i have had that happen to me a few times.But,i was lucky and able to remove the updated drivers that caused my problem.Also,you might want to check to make sure your bios is up to date .
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