Gun Game in Gauntlet Legends cabinet?

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Assuming the monitor is a multisyncing one (like the Wells Gardner
D9200), does anyone see any problems putting a gun came in a Gauntlet
Legends cabinet?

Does the angle at which the monitor is mounted in that cabinet look to
be a problem?

I have a Carnevil kit, and am considering adding it to a Gauntlet
Legends cabinet.


-- Bruce
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    I have a deer hunter that I put into a cab with a slanted monitor. It
    worked great at home but when I put it at a location with a lot of
    bright lights the angle was a problem. To much reflection of the lights
    plus the daylight coming in from the window. Not so bad at night. So
    far its the only place Ive had it so dont know how it will work
    anywhere else I think it will be OK. Hook yours up temp. just to test
    it out. Ted
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