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Hi I just got the Sager 9130 recently and have been very happy with it until recently. Pretty much any game I got for it ran extremely well until I downloaded a shader mod for minecraft, and the entire computer just slowed down. Crysis used to run fairly well on ultra, and now it is unplayable on low. I tried a few different ways to speed it back up to normal but i had no luck. Anyone have any idea what to do?

My System:
3rd Generation Intel® Ivy Bridge Core™ i5-3210M
nVidia GeForce GTX 670M 1,536MB
8GB - DDR3 1600MHz
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  1. I checked a cpu and gpu meter while crysis was running in the main menu and it says the cpu is running at 36% and the gpu at 99% soit looks like whatever I downloaded is drawing capacity away from the gpu.
  2. Update: the problem fixes itself and all of my games work for a few minutes to an hour, then it goes back to being mind numbingly slow. During Minecraft I checked the temp of the GPU, and it was running at around 40-45 C, but somehow the usage was at 98%. The CPU usage is at around 30% and the ram at about 3.3 GB out of 8. I seriously have no idea what is wrong and it would be very great-full if someone could help.
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