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Last night I bought a Radeon 9800 Pro video Card and 1 gig of ram which I installed on my PC. I started up the computer it ran fine then I installed the drivers, I got a error message half through and the computer crashed so I started the pc back. It was running for a few moments then got a message saying that some files which windows requires to run were changed and to reinstall them. Now I can't even get the restore to run with out getting a error message. When I get the messages it throws me to a blue screen talking about possible problems and starts to do a Core memory Dump. What is going on and how can I fix it? Any help would be most welcomed
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  1. heya supermouse:

    It looks like its windows installation time, this will give you a good idea whats going on when you try and resintall, the windows installation has little tolerance for unstable hardware you will know right away if your having hardware trouble, if you have trouble durring the installation i would check into your ram first, by taking the new ram out and putting the old stuff back in and see if it stablizes, if so then you know your new ram is the problem, it may just be that you have some timing issues that you need to resolve. as far as the graphics card goes its unlikely the graphics card is the problem but stranger things have happened, reguardless this will allow you to see first hand how unstable hardware can cause serious problems, and how to diagnose and fix the problem.
    Be patient it will come to you...
  2. I was kind of thinking it mite be the ram. It is possbile the ram is Bad or the wrong type for my computer? I upgraded from 512 generic ram to full gig (2 512 chips) of a more brand name. I will pop out the new stuff and put in the old to see if this helps, if it is the ram what kind of things can I do to fix it?
  3. Most problems with installing Radeon vid cards are due to the previous vid card being an nVidia.

    Once having an nVidia card in your system, many people have problems installing when the new card is something other than nVidia. nVidia leaves behind driver fragments which can foul things up.

    The above poster mentioned mentioned a fresh install, cuz that will clear things up (remove old nvidia driver fragments).

    You can also use Driver Cleaner or Driver Detonator (free for the d/l, just google) to clear out the old fragments w/o doing a fresh install.

    Your problems are more likely related to the drivers, than the ram (but ya never know!)

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  4. That sounds like just like what occured. I used to have a Nvida card which I popped out. I got programing errors about files being changed and in diffrent languages which I am sure was the old drivers. This is my frist major upgrade and well I freaked out big time. Thanks for the advice and pointing me in the right direction, I will check out things once I get home. My first issue will be getting windows to stablize so I can remove drivers and what not.
  5. Sure could be the ram. Go back to the old like was said. For the new ram, relaxing the memory timings, boosting the memory voltage, and/or not running it in dual channel mode could all help cure your problems and let you use that ram.

    What motherboard model and revision do you have?

    Edit, actually, giving us the full specs on your hardware would be helpful. Ram brand and speed, cpu speed, etc.

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