ie6 is denied access to certain websites

This Problem is making me nuts and I cannot figure out how to repair it. I try and go to the following websites after updating win2k or xp pro and it will not access it after awhile.

The websites are:

Without fail these sites will be denied access, as if something in the security or a script gets in there and stops it from loading it. Now it will see the site. but stops there and eventually times itself out, as if there is a connection problem, to which I know there isn't. I have reset the security and when i have done this it is suddenly customized. "To which I know I didn't alter any settings".

I default everthing back, cleared the cookies, temp files, internet temp files uninstalled ie6sp1, pulled the programs out til it was back to just the oses. and it will not let go. what is causing this? How do you get it to let the browser, browse again?

The only way I have been able to get back to these sites is by formatting the drive and then for a while I can get back til this repeats itself again.

The programs I have on the system at the moment are as follows

Game drive
Works 2002
Money 2002
Battlefield 1942
Road to rome "for the above"
Desert combat "mod for above"
Perfect disk 2000 version 5.0 updated
Norton system works 2003
Winzip 8.1
Logitech freedom 2.4 "software for joystick"

All of the above have been on and off the system with each other and it still gives me a heartache. So I am thinking it isn't any of these causing it.

This is my system.
460 Watt Enermax Power Supply
A7N8X Asus Motherboard
AMD Barton 3200+
ATI 9700 Pro 128Meg Video Card
Samsung 19" Syncmaster191T Moniter "LCD"
Nforce APU "Nvidia built in sound card"
Klipsch Promedia 5.1 Speaker System
1.5GB PC2700 "DDR333" Memory From Micron
120GB Maxtor 2Meg buffer Harddrive "Main Drive"
40GB Western Digital "Back Up Drive"
16X40X Sony DVD Drive
52X24X52x Memorex CDRW
Logitech MX700 Wireless Mouse
Interlink Electronics Wireless Keyboard Model Number: VP6410K
Floppy Drive
4 cooling fans
Midtower Case
All done up in black and silver with sapphire blue glow from case

This is hooked into the net via a cable modem running at 256 up 768 down
and it is a linksys BEFCMU10 Etherfast cable modem with usb.

Now the system isn't tweaked at all I am presently on win2k as I thought it might be an WinXP problem.

This is wrapped around ie6.
also I have loaded up opera 7 thinking I could by pass it that way and it still will not load up those pages.

I also went to knowledge case at microsoft and it refers me to a couple of problems there. Have tried those fixes and it hasn't helped.
I am WAY open to suggestions as to how to fix this and what precisely is causing it.
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  1. I have no idea. I have no problems whatsoever bringing up those sites. The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is that maybe your ISP is at fault? Seems to be the only plausible explanation... other than a virus.

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  2. I know I checked for virusus and if it were the isp? why is it working, now as i had to redo it again. and the moment i finish up up dating the system it will deny me access again. Am glad you brought that up. ill call them and see tomorrow. but every time i reload it does work til it is fully up todate. then blam! out they go.

    do you have all the updates installed? as well?

    thanks for the reply :smile:
  3. Well, so far I haven't on this pass installed all of the updates to ie6 or XP itself. What I have updated from windows update is the following:

    DX9 to 9a
    Windows Media Player
    3 drivers for my computer

    There seems to be "from what I have read thru the post on here and on the knowledge base" some problem with zone customization.

    This is the link to see for yourselves <A HREF=";en-us;324020" target="_new">Here</A>.
    I have tried that fix for 5.5 to no avail.

    As you can see, this problem has been around for sometime, obviously in microsofts wisdom? This is just a minor problem, unless, you one of the lucky ones that has procured this headache.
    Now since I haven't completed the updates it seems to be working.

    The only difference between my first post software list to this one is the fact I did not fully update the system. Oh, I am back to the Windows XP pro os.

    Anyone have an idea how to work around all this so I can complete the updates?

    Now I am sure someone is thinking the following as they read this.
    why not slowly update the system til you can figure out which fix is causing the problem?
    I probably will sometime in the future. But, after 15 reformats and alot of cussing at his billness & microsoft. Reading til dawn to figure this out.
    I am worn right out and hoping someone had this problem and can shortcut me to the fix.
  4. I usually keep my Windows fully up-to-date. Thus far, I haven't had a problem accessing any websites. I'm kind of at a loss for an explanation... never seen this before...

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  5. Yeah, so did i til this. and im at a loss on how to fix this. if you do come across something? pls let me know.


  6. So much for it being in the windows update. I lost those three websites again last nite. but now I think i am pinning it down to two programs, that being.
    norton anti virus 2003 and battle field 1942.

    My question to everyone reading this is. who else has norton anti virus and battle field 1942 on there system? are you getting the same problem I am experiencing? Now that I think about this I belive this started with the 1.4 patch being installed on the computer.

    Can anyone tell me what those three site on my first post have in common? so i can nail this down to a smaller part of the registry to look in. i belive now it is the security being altered to put a self on those sites.
    but i do not know enough on webpages to see what would set off the ban.

    here are the three sites again.

    what do all three of those have in common? anyone?
  7. The reason i am thinking BF1942 is the cause is that everything was working fine
    until last nite when i decided to go online and play a few games of BF1942.
    I had tested the program earlier only on the single player mode. everything was still working so didnt think anything of it and kept on going.
    I get up this morning and do my check on those websites to see if they still work and thats when they stopped again. so thats now the newest spot to look in to see what is altering my system.
  8. I would put money on your AV or Firewall. I had a problem very much like this until I quit using McAfee on my system. At first I thought it was IE6, but couldn't find anything wrong with it. I had a different reason for not installing McAfee though. My computer would start to crash after only a couple of months with a new install of everything. That got kind of old, so I started looking for my problem, and it was my AV. The fact that I fixed my IE6 problem was just a side benefit.
    Personally, I'm done with McAfee and Norton AV. I have seen way to many problems with them. More with Norton than anything.
    I would uninstall Norton and see if that helps.

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  9. Make sure that you also have some sort of Java machine installed; as I've seen Norton AV rendered non-functional due to no Java engine. I found Microsoft's VM on Kazaa.

    I also recommend switching to Panda AV. The newest Platinum version includes a firewall, a la NIS 2003. It's less of a resource hog, and updates are available on a daily basis, rather than a weekly one.

    <font color=red> If you design software that is fool-proof, only a fool will want to use it. </font color=red>
  10. yes, i was thinking that too, been away for acouple of days and was hashing it over in my mind and i agree. I did try to uninstalled about the ninth or tenth reload ago to no avail. so ill have to wipe the system one more time and see if that is the case. it better be that. im not done with the whole sale slaughter i am presently enjoying on bf 1942 lol. since norton 2000 i been having minor headaches with there programs. but being they served me so well in the past i thought i would give them one last shot before moving on. if this proves to be the case. well. norton just lost several "paying" users.
  11. if reloading the vm doesn't work as i said to davep ill reload the system tomorrow. ack. and see what happens minus norton on the system. if it does prove to surpass five days with out the loss. then. ill give your recommendation a go. let y'all know in a few...
  12. no go on the v machine.
  13. ""ie6 is denied access to certain websites ""

    It is not an IEx it is ISPx. Whichever ISP is in yer modem that is the reason. Their DNS server cannot resolve the webpages, nothing wrong with yer machine. Try to get diffirent Primary DNS server IP and put it into yer modem settings. That is what I have to do severil times a day to get to my work site (the only site I got my DSL for and ISPs DNS server can't get me to it without tinkering with it's settings ;(

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  14. well it turns out the heruestics? how ever thats spelt. on norton is causing the mess up on ie6 seems once i put in patch 1.4 for battle field the av thinks its a virus any file called mod.dll it thinks is a virus of sorts. so once i shut that down. the hero istic? part its running fine now.
    but now i have said that...

    so if you are running bf1942 with any av that has that um.. h word. set it so it just looks at them and not auto repairs them. and it wont affect ur ie6. why is it doing that? beats the hell outta me . just is.
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