Symantec antivitus keeps rolling back

Hello,when i try 2 deploy the symantec antivirus from my windows 7 machine it keeps rolling is not installed.when i deploy it from the server i get a message from the server successfully installed but when i go 2 my machine its not installed.any suggestion?
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  1. Is this a home or office PC? If home, I suggest you remove the Symantec software and use Microsoft Security Essentials, which is both excellent and completely free.

    If this in an office environment, you should speak to your local IT support.
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    You need to verify that the version of Symantec you are trying to install is Win7 compatible. You are describing a classic case of installing an incorrect version and the resultant rollback.
  3. We have installed Windows Small Business Svr 2008 as our platform with Symantec Endpoint 10.0.4,then from the administration kit windows of the Svr(SEMP),we try to deploy client.that the version i am using.
  4. I suggest you look at the following link for versions that support Win7. Sounds like your version is too old and does not support:

    Good luck!
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