Can i use the windows 7 disk supplied with my dell laptop to update my desktop

I have purchased a Dell laptop which comes with a Dell Windows 7 reinstallation disk. As I wish to sync my new laptop with existing desktop can I use this disc to install windows 7 on my desktop which is currently running on xp?
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  1. No.
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    Hi dkimbley,

    It's surprising that you get an installation disk from Dell at all, most computers that come with OEM Windows 7 do not include installation disks...consider yourself lucky. :)

    However, not lucky enough to use the disk to install Windows 7 on your desktop. All versions of Windows 7 come with one license meaning it can be installed on one computer only, and the disk you got from Dell is for Windows 7 that is permanently tied to your Dell laptop.

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
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