Sony Vaio SVZ131190X with VGP-PRZ20C Dock - Dock Video Driver Issues

Like the title says I have a SVZ131190X using a VGP-PRZ20C dock. The VGP-PRZ20C has a Radeon HD 6650M video card. I have the onboard intel HD drivers installed fine, but I can not for the life of me get the correct drivers for the dock's 6650M.

Here's what happens:

When I install the driver from Sony's website (after auto-detecting my laptop) it asks to reboot, when coming back from the reboot I get a message about CLIStart.exe (or something CLI) not being able to work because it "wasnt designed for Windows" or something along those lines. (sorry I dont have the exact text, the driver is no longer on there)

When I try installing CCC 12.1 which my Lenovo with a 6620M (not in a dock) uses successfully, the laptop BSODs about halfway through installation.

This is a new laptop for a coworker and he needs to be able to get video on the dock for his monitor so he can work.

BTW- What I'd really like is to get the AMD Radeon HD 6650M version 8.830.7.0 driver without anything else, is that possible?

Any other ideas or suggestions?
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  1. AMD 8.830.7.0 driver should be available on the Sony Support website.
  2. See if this Sony Support website post has any bearing on your problem:

    Need driver for vgp-prz20c Docking Station
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