icon depth in XP screwed!

#@$@!!!! ok, well all my icons on my computer (just my profile, as other profiles on this computer are unaffected as I only 'worked' on my profile\settings) are displaying at very, very bad quality... looks like 256 color icons, like the ones you get when you boot up in safe mode. Thing is, although my display runs at 16 bit color, the icons would display at full 32 bit color... so i decided to use MS's TweakUI utility to try to "fix" some of my messed up icons (some programs displaying wrong icons) by having it do the "rebuild icon" function. So, BOOM everything has super ugly icons. So, I frantically try to use something else, the first thing i used was some program called "IconPackager" to try to restore default icons... that didn't change a THING... it was still low-quality ugly icons. So, I try going into advanced desktop settings and manually changing icons of at least the desktop icons... when i'm choosing icons from SHELL32.DLL, they display in full color, but upon choosin and clicking OK, it's still the same low-color icon. Same with programs or files i try to change icons on now, although in the choose icon box it looks like full great color, after choosing and pressing OK to apply the changes it just goes back to the low-color ugly one. Also, I tried going to XP's registry setting for icon depth (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics), but the icon depth is, low and behold, 32. So I'm baffled here... how can WinXP ignore it self? (rhetorical question, i know there's not just one setting for things)... so, I do need help trying to restore my icons... please help! Thanks...


333 MHz Celeron (Slot1)
192 MB RAM
4 MB ATi Rage LT Integrated Video
ESS 1869 Integrated Audio
Comcrap (Compaq) mobo
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  1. dude I am really sorry for u. i had the same thing going on with Win2000 I tried lotta things and none of those things worked. Like changing the icon color depth, clearing the icon cache and all and nope! nothing worked. Finally one fine day, I didn't even notice and they became normal.

    But if I can find anything else I'll post it here
  2. I had the same problems in XP. For the icons to be the usual you have to be in 32-bit color mode.

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