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A few nights ago my Inspiron 1525 laptop began bootlooping. I am able to get into the setup and also choose which drive to boot from, but I am unable to access the screen to choose to boot from safe mode. From what I've researched, typically bootloops are associated with some sort of BSOD, but I have yet to get one.

I first assumed it was my Seagate hard drive going bad; running Seatools diagnostics came back clean and I was able to not only re-install Windows with a OS disc, I was able to put the drive into an adapter and pull data off of it. However, after the re-installation and the PC reboots, the bootloop continues.

Is it possible my hard drive is still bad? Are there any other suggestions? I am currently seating the RAM one-by-one to see if that helps and updating the BIOS as well.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. update.?
  2. RAM made no difference. Working on the BIOS update now.
  3. Have you tried Dell diagnostics. They have a fairly complete set of tools. I think you can get there by pressing F12 and choosing the Dell diagnostics. I don't have 1525 on me at the moment or I would double-check. Yes, we have a few here at work :P.
  4. updating through windows using the Dell app.?
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