Asus UX31 vs Samsung Series 7

Hi. This is quite of an unusual comparison. The only thing that interests me is - which of them would be faster on everyday use that includes mostly general use such as browsing with several tabs, listening to music etc'? The Asus has an i5, 4GB RAM (which annoys me the most) and has a 128GB SSD, while as the samsung sports an i7 w/8GB RAM, but it has a 1TB HDD that goes at only 5400RPM. So which would just be faster and generally more responsive at everyday use?

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  1. My budget is $1000 and I believe the UX32 goes at around $1300. Plus it doesn't has a "real" SSD, but rather an HDD with a small caching SSD.
  2. For general use the i7 and 8GB Ram are overkill. They will not make your browser/media player work any better. Load time reduction, responsiveness, usability are all better with the SSD.
    The only question is if 128GB is big enough for you.
    You should also consider screen quality, weight, runtime on battery, price and looks.
  3. That's the problem - that 128GB are most certainly not enough, because of movies and music. So my solution would basically be to connect an external HDD for all the movies that it stores. If I hadn't had any movies 128 would be enough, so for when I'm not watching anything I could disconnect it.
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