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So, I just read that doom3 requires a 512mb graphic card. Great! Why doesn't Tom's hardware test some of 3dlabs graphic cards? They have some cards that have 512mb or more of texture memorty??

I would really love to see a comparison of the wildcat cards to the 6800 and x800 cardlines.

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  1. Even though wildcat cards r for programs like CAD and stuff. they probably don't have things that gaming cards have.
  2. Our cards are 2d/3d...and those wildcats are 3d -> well atleast thats what they say in ads and articles. So I am not sure doom3 will have anything better to show on those. But yes, if you were dreamworks/pixar, and you were rendering Donkey/Nemo -> wildcats, quadros etc will have more impact than others.
    Someone interested should read <A HREF="" target="_new"> this</A> and let others know what exactly are the differences.

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  3. Since DIII is OGL id like to see how they perform...
    But I dont think they can outperform GF6800 since these card are like specifcly made for DoomIII

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  4. Quote:
    So, I just read that doom3 requires a 512mb graphic card. Great!

    Doom3 does *NOT* <i>require</i> 512 megs on a graphics card... but it can take advantage of 512 megs on a graphic card, possibly for increased texture detail, but more likely just to minimize texture swapping. The game has alot of textures.

    But you should be able to play D3 on a 64mb card with reduced texture detail. You're better off with a 64-meg Ti4200 than you would be with a 512meg 5200.

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  5. I am hoping for a toms hardware rep to read this and get a review out there. I have played counterstike on a oxygen video card. It ran great! I did some research and the 3dlabs cards only support up to direct x 8. So, all the added features from x9 would be disabled.

    I would still like to see what the frame rate of a wildcat card is compared to a 9800, 9800xt, 5950u, and the newer 6800, x800

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