MSI Radeon 9800 Pro Plus VS Call of duty

Yesterday I installed a MSI Ati Radeon rx9800 Pro Plus 128 (wich is recognised by the ati drivers as 9800XT) on a Pentium IV 2.8Ghz 800 1MBcache HT, with: 865PERL Intel Mainboard, Seagate 120GB Raptor, RAM 512 DDR400, Sound Blaster Live 5.1, DVD-RW LG, with Windows XP Pro installed. When I tried to play the game Call of Duty it crashed in the second mission. After restarting the computer and playing the game it happened the same problem but in the third mission. After that on the 7 th mission it crashed again.

After that installed the game on a Athlon XP 2000+, Geforce FX5700LE, MASI mainboard KT4 AGP 8x bus 333, 253 RAM DDR333, HD 10GB. The game did never crash.

Why does Call of Duty crash on the machine with the MSI Radeon RX9800 Pro Plus 128? How can I solve the problem? I think is between the video card and the game. How can I fix it? What happens is that the game freezes, then the screen turns black and after that strange textures in many colors (mostly blue and green) appear.
To check the system with other games I installed and played The Need For Speed Underground and Max Payne 2 and ther wasnt any problems. Call of Duty, MAx Payne 2, and NFS Underground all were played at the highest settings at a 800*600 resolution. the monitor is a digital 14" Samsung at 85Hz.
Thanks in advance for your help =)
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  1. First, what steps did you take to remove the old NVidia drivers before installing the ATI card?

    Second, What driver version are you using? Did you try more than one version?

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  2. I just buyed the computer in parts. I thought I did a good choice of the parts =( Well, after installing Windows XP and directx 9.0b and the mainboerd drivers I installed the drivers that came with the video card, but after that problem I removed the drivers and downloaded yesterday the last drivers from Ati.

    Thanx for your help =)
  3. but it still have the problems =(
  4. Where did you get this "plus" card from?

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  5. Is it just me or is it funny that he was able to get the game running fine on a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MACHINE. I figured you would just run the 9800pro in the athlon machine to pin-point if in fact it was the 9800pro malfunctioning.

    But you have 2 completely different rigs running the game and you think it's the 9800pro's fault? And NOTHING from the first rig was included in the second, successful rig. It could be anything in that first rig. PSU or high temps most likely the problem.

    LoL. This is hilarious to me, sorry.

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  6. Try a few different Catalyst driver revisions.

    I had problems with Call Of Duty on my 9800Pro, and I <i>think</i> Upgrading to the newest ones (at the time) solved it. That was a couple of driver versions ago, and I've since upgraded to XP (was on 98) so Can't remember exactly what was different when it stopped working.

    Although my Crash would generally happen within 30 seconds or less of starting any level.

    What are your temperatures (CPU and System)? If you don't have good airflow then it might be getting a little too toasty in there for your 9800Pro's liking (I notice you have a Presshot Processor - They get pretty warm)

    You can use something like Motherboard Monitor 5 to check them, or next time it crashes go straight into BIOS and check there.

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  7. quote "LoL. This is hilarious to me, sorry." ???? its really not that funny to be quite honest or else u need to get out more.... anyway if yur getting artifacts before the game crashes out he is right its likely to be a heat problem.... try taking the side off the pc and let air get into... (altho ive never done this myself) get a fan and blow air into case then if u can play away you know the prob.... altho saying that it cant be the card overheating if it works in a different machine and assuming u never had heat probs before on the same machine i dunno.... i suppose i could argue the new 9800 might be pushing yur system over the heat edge but im rambling now.. just boot pc from cold and open case up and see what happens.

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  8. Thank u all for the answers, and for the answers from people that think that we "need" to have their own "common sence" to solve the problems, but thanx anyways for dedicating your opinion to this page, ur point was good.

    Well about the heat problem, it could be. The CPU shows 61°c , and the other two sensors on the motherboard show 38C and 42C. I use the Intel's hardware monitor application that comes with de motherboard. BTW I have counted 8 fans in the system (HD 2, Case 4, CPU 1, VPU 1).

    Thanx for ur answers.
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