fijitsu seimans laptop fan doesnt work

up until 2 weeks ago, although my laptop got really hot, the fan kept it so I could use it. Suddenly the fan isn't coming on at all. I need to get this fixed as soon as possible as my laptop shuts off without warning while I am using it and I am a student. I am also very limited on funds, so the cheapest thing I can do would be best.
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  1. cheapest thing is to replace the fan yourself--though the fan may just be clogged up with dust or fluff

    the dissassembly guide for the laptop would be helpfull

    some companies make them available and some dont

    though its not the same as opening a desktop pc so a bit of care and patience is needed to make sure screws go back in

    the holes they came from etc--as putting a long screw where it should be a short one can lead to it going through the

    motherboard etc

    if you are not a practical person then doing it yourself may not be the right option for you

    but will be a lot cheaper than paying a shop to do it for you
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