HP DV6-6130 VS HP G6-2164

Hi. My notebook died on me this week, and I have to make a quick decision, since I'm beginning a new contract on Monday.

At my price range (500-550$CA), there are so much possibilities and models' iterations, it is mind-numbing.

Before getting crazy, I kind of focus on two candidates:

HP Pavilion DV6-6130CA
(with i5-2410M, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HD, GMA HD 3000)

vs brand new model HP Pavillion G6-2164CA
(with A8-4500M, 6 GB RAM, 750 GB, AMD Radeon HD 7620G)

for about the same price.

but the following points are very important to me:
- I do a lot of multi-tasking (like Database, Image Database, Word, Excel, Chrome, Photoshop and a media player opened at the same time)
- I need great image. I do location scouting in cinema, and photography is my main tool
- I am concerned about battery life, especially after reading poor reviews of the Sony Vaio - my 1st choice - on this aspect. The DV6 do not seem to fare well on this. Is this CPU-related?
- I do not like overheating. I had a Compaq portable before that was incredibly hot, I hated it

Can you help me please? The G6 have better specs, but I did not have great experiences with AMD in the past
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  1. I went to Future Shop today,. to put my hands on as many models as I can.
    I was able to try the HP G6. I found the screen to be very "fatiguing". I tried to adjust contrast and luminescence, but I was not able to have a comfortable work display, which was weird. Great to look at pictures, but...

    In contrast, the Sony Vaio Series F I tried (VPCF1) was beautiful, and kind for the eye. A bit expensive, but I know where to find one at 600$.

    General opinion about the Vaio Series F ?
  2. what about hp dv series vs vaio f?
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