Acer aspire 5515-5187 mouse not working

My acer aspire 5515-5187 lcd screen does not show a picture when computer is turned on. I purchased a cable to contect the laptop to my tv, and now I can see the laptop screen on my tv, but the laptop mouse pad is not working. I tried a replacement laptop screen, bt it didn't work either, so I am assuming the problem with the screen not showing anything is the inverter needs to be resplaced. Will a bad inverter also cause the mouse to not work? if not, does anyone know what I could do to make the mouse work, even if I don't replace the inverter right away?
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  1. Sounds maybe a child went and totally messed with whatever they found fun to mess with at the time, totally randomly, its fairly common and unfortunately usually time consuming to figure out what happened.

    have you tried to mess with the battery settings? or maybe a Key combination to turn the screen/trackpack on and off?
    External Mouse?

    Have you looked into device mugger (pun) to check for hardware conflicts?

    If anything you could reset windows to Original factory settings after doing a data backup.
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