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My acer aspire 5515-5187 laptop lcd screen stopped working. the computer indicates it is on, but no display on the screen. I think i've narrowed the problem down to the inverter. In the mean time until I find an inverter, I've connected my laptop to my tv so I can see the screen display for my laptop on my tv. The problem now is the laptop mouse isn't responding. Does anyone know anything I can do to fix that problem?
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  1. If you look at the screen under a very bright light, like a 100 watt lightbulb 3 feet away, you will actually see whats on the screen but very very dark if its the inverter, otherwise the screen will be blank, Still, I greatly suspect this to be a software, maybe even a driver issue.

    Edit part:
    Sofware, what I meant to say was Settings in your windows Environment.
  2. Just some stuff to go over first:

    by laptop mouse i assume you mean a separate mouse plugged into a usb port
    if not i would strongly recemmend you go and pick up one

    Make sure that your mouse is plugged in a normal usb 2.0 or usb 1.0 slot (3.0 isn't nativity supported on windows 7, which is prob. what u have)

    If the above does not work, navigate to hardware and sound in the control panel and find device manager. Then look for your mouse driver and uninstall it. Once done re install with latest driver(auto)
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