How to copy XP Pro from one drive to another?

I have just bought a new fast s-ata HD, and want to use that one for XP. I made an image of c: and put it on the new hd. When I tried to boot the new hd I only got to the blue screen with the "Windows XP"-logo in the midle, right before u jump to desktop. There it just stop! What's wrong? Both partition's are the same size. I used ImageMaker under windows. I tried the "repair"-fuction from the XP cd to no use. Please help! I would really avoid reinstalling the whole damned thing AGAIN with all the program's and patches. I only have isdn....
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  1. It is really sad, but you'll have to do it, even you only have ISDN. It would take you lesser time anyway.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
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