Help me pick a laptop for school

Hey guys,

I am looking at these two laptops and I don't know which one to pick:

I will be using this for college and mhm... basically I am looking for one that is faster for school applications, like Microsoft Office and Maplesoft. Also, it will be great if I can watch movies and maybe some small games. I am also open for other suggestions.

While I am at it, can I just ask you guys like, how important is a dedicated graphic card in my case, like, do I have to look for a laptop that has a dedicated graphic or can I just find one that has a solid CPU.
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  1. ASUS all the way. I don't like brand bashing but Samsung's laptop range has never been brilliant! A seperate GPU is always a bonus, for me anyway, but its always down to personal choice.

    I have both Toshiba and Asus laptops, both very different,

    Have a look at

    Its $40-50 more than the other two but pound for pound spec and performance look substantially better.
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