Dell inspiron n7110

can someone help me know whether my dell inspiron N7110 has a two graphics card? how can i detect?
also help me turn my webcam on, it is not in my device manager...
i would be happy if you my request could be sent to me through my e mail.
thank u.....
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  1. Sorry, no emailings. It would be wise of you to remove your email address to prevent it from being harvested by spambots.

    Dell Inspiron 17R - N7110 Tech Specs

    Showing just Video Card - Intel® HD Graphics 3000
    With no optional graphics card available. So - just one graphics option.
    Running Windows Device Manager will confirm that.

    And it's the graphics built into the CPU. Integrated graphics.
    Intel HD 3000 Graphics review
  2. Check Device Manager under Imaging Devices. Is webcam listed there?

    Load webcam driver. Run webcam software.
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