I3 3110M with GT 650M 2GB notebook

Hey All,

I found a i3 3110M processor with a GT 650M 2GB for $800 shipped.
It has a Full 1080P screen on 15inches.
5400RPM harddrive.
6gb ram

will the i3 processor keep up with the 650m?
is the 800$ good for this computer. including taxes and shipping
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    From personal experience working on laptops for 4 years now, the i3 is pretty bad, I dont care what those reviews say, its the modern day Celaron compared to everything out there.

    Core i5, even the lowest end is miles ahead of the i3, core i5 is one of the best Gaming CPU's types on the market, quite good for laptops because dual cores are technically more efficient then quadcores in laptops in real life wear and tear.
    Quadcore AMD is very nice, the prices AMD has for quadcores are very attractive and iv yet to have any kind of sluggishness on quadcore AMD's very snappy very cheep.
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  3. Thanks for the replies. I'm passing on the i3, i'm going for a i7 with GTX 560m 2GB.
  4. Quote:
    which laptop?

    an Asus G53SX-XA1

    I got mine used on Ebay for less than $700 including shipping
  5. For much of gaming, the Core i3 isn't so bad. Game performance depends more on the GPU than it does on the CPU.

    Bumping up to a Core i5 may help in some games, but it will not help in all games. And you should not sacrifice your GPU or your display in order to upgrade to a Core i5.

    Having a 1366x768 display is worse than having a Core i3, and having a GT 630M (instead of a GT 650M) will have more impact on game performance than having a Core i3 instead of a Core i5.
  6. i3-3110m gt650m is good..can play modern games at medium to ultra...gtx 560m is almost the same as gt650m
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