Why do laptop batteries degrade so fast?

I paid extra when I bought this laptop battery that was supposed to last 3 hours but less than 2 years later, it just lasts 50 minutes.

Is it the manufacturer, the technology or do I need to replace a rechargeable laptop battery every year?
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    3. You need to replace laptop battery often. They are only good for about 2 years.
  2. Batteries typically lose half their capacity after 18 months. After 30-36 months they are either completely dead or will only hold a minimal charge.

    This is typical of the technology and not a quality control issue. The reason they wear down over time is because like all batteries they require that ions physically move around inside the half cells. This is the same reason that batteries can't be charged up almost instantly like capacitors can, and for the same reason the number of charge/discharge cycles are limited.
  3. If they lasted a long time the battery companies would go broke because they would never sell new ones. This is the main reason, believe it or not.
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  7. cheaper lead acid battery's have a set charge life. most time users leave the battery in the laptop and the laptop does a trickle charge and that the battery is always in a drain/charge mode. this can called a memory effect. battery having full charge only last 30-50 min. your better off if you use your laptop as a desktop to pull the battery and change it up once every 30 days.
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