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A friend brought me her Aspire 5742, i3 core, 4 gbs ram The system had totally crashed and all I was getting was a continuous loop re-boot mode, so I pulled the hard drivem ran a virus scan, cleaned 257 infectons, and cleaned with Malwarebytes to, put the hard drive back, and still got the same results, let windows start-up repair work a couple of times, no success still had a continous reboot loop, So I decided to just to reformat and re-install Windows, deleted all Partitions, ans made one Partiton, did a custom install and let Windows do its thing with installation, Well first thing I noticed was that it was taking forever to install windows, I mean were talking minumum 4 hours, well once the install was finished, and windows is loaded, I start installing Drivers and such, and this system seems to be getting slower and slower, and takng between 5 and 10 minutes to install one drive, well once the driver installed and I reboot it takes at least 10 minutes just to reboot back into the windows desktop.. So I thought it was just a bad installation, so I did another format and re-installation, and I keep getting the same issue, THis coputeris running like it is an old 386 computer, I've been working on this banging my head against the wall, trying to figure out why this computer is running this way, Bios is updated to the latest version, I even downloaded another copy of Windows 7 from digital river and tried it thinking it was a bad installation disk, but I am getting the same slow down.. THe computer is about year and half years old, so I just don't understand what the problems.. Internet search is not really showing me anything, Bios and WIndow is showing 4 gigs of memory, Hard Drive is fine, everything else works fine, just the Slowness of everything.

I am open to any and all help... THank you very much
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    What makes you sure the hard drive is fine? A failing hard drive could explain all of those problems.
  2. Hmmm... Not a 100% sure, But I've never heard of a hard drive failing that way?... I'll look at the manufacture and download the thier diagnostics and check.. Thank for your reply..
  3. ShizTech first of all let me say you were right on the money... I ran Western Digital Diagnostic tools and they come out fine passed all test with flying colors, so I thought if it not the HD then what is it ... about the only thing I haven't done so far is start switching and testing parts, I still wasnt convinced it was the HD, because I had a few HD go out on me before, and normally for me they just either shut down or start givin me error messages, or start making noises, I have never had one go out like that and I have also never seen or heard of a hard drive doing that before , so the first thing I did just for sh*ts and giggles was to switch the Hard Drive out with one that I had in another laptop, and go with the ram next, well after switching them out I installed windows on the Acer laptop again and the system installed in less than 6 minute, so I put the bad hard drive in my dell laptop, and started windows installation on the bad HD and its just now at (expanding Windows files) 51%, and thats been over 3 hours ago Installed windows a few more times and am geting the same results installation done i around 10 minutes or so...... ShizTech Thank you Very much!!! :D
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