Macbook Pro Retina vs Sager NP9150 for Professional use

Decided to make a new thread to get some new opinions. Currently own a Macbook Pro from 07 that is outdated and overheating. I am a 3D Artist looking for my main workstation that is mobile. Keep in mind that in about 5 years or so i will be buying a desktop power house. I am looking into buying the latest and greatest workstation laptop for 3D work mainly using Autodesk Maya, Cinema 4D and all the Adobe products ( After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator ect). I am also going to be using SoftImage (XSI) which is a PC based software. I know i can use bootcamp to use this software but that would be eliminated by purchasing a PC. I will be transporting this laptop 3 times a week to and from work ( NYC ) so weight may be an issue also. I am also connecting an external monitor at home to which ever laptop i buy. I am thinking about the LG IPS225T 22-Inch. Need some insight on which laptop to buy and if that monitor is any good.

15.4in / 2880x1800 99% of sRGB
Nvidia GT 650M 1GB "GTX 660M Power"
i7 2.7GHZ
16GB Ram 1600MHz
External $80 ( not in price )
Weight: 4.46 lbs
14.13" (w) x 9.73" (d) x 0.71" (h)
Battery Life: 7 Hours
Price: $3000


15.6in / 1920x1080 95% NTSC Color Gamut
Nvidia GTX 680M 4GB
i7 2.7GHZ
16GB Ram 1600MHz
512gb Crucial M4 SSD
6X Blu-ray or 500GB HDD
Weight: 6.83 lbs
14.80" (w) x 10.08" (d) x 1.38"~1.69" (h)
Price $3377


Thank you all!
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  1. Quote:
    so no gaming what so ever?
    Weight is usually a matter when you need to travel with the laptop on your back a lot, like every day, around the clock

    The Retina is far more superior, but why won't you just test them yourself? this is your work and your eyes

    Probably no games, haha i sometimes get tempted to try out a coupe here and there.

    Where can you test out a Sager? I cant seem to find anywhere...
  2. Need more input! Thanks all
  3. I would take the sager, better laptop overall. For eyes, honestly your choice, but if you can get a monitor, plenty of them offer amazing displays.
  4. For maya a professional gpu may help ( and if its expensive the 7970m performs much better than nvidia's consumer gpus). I'd go with the sager as it will have better cooling. (and looking at benchmarks it appears that the 2.7 ghz rmbp performs like a 2.4 ghz pc probably because of heat turbo isn't as agressive). Sager will also allow you to open the computer up for cleaning or if you need to add more RAM. I strongly suggest you buy your RAM and SSD aftermarket as it will probably save you $200 and you can sell the old HDD and RAM.
  5. yes, i agree with whysom also, if the price of your sager is over 2500 dollars a razer blade pro might be good :)
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