Do Routers fail gaming on Wons servers?

My brother and I share a COX cable internet connection through a router and we try to play Day of Defeat online, yes we have different WON ID's. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't When I update my server list, or vice versa, the other person's system willl often freeze f they are already in a server and the ping skyrockets from like 70 to 3000. We often cannot see the same servers. And generally my copy of Retail DoD sees less servers than one of us running the DOD mod installed on top of regular Half-Life or Retail Counter-strike. We do someitmes get to play together, but not as often as we like, because frankly we can]t get it to work half the time. In addition, we often cannot retrieve the list of servers from WON, Ie. 'Can't get list of servers" or "There are no visible servers that pass your filter settings" Anyone's fhelp or input weould be awesome. Thanks.

My OS features preemptive multitasking, a fully interactive command line, & support for 640K of RAM!
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  1. Try forwarding the ports on the router to get HL to work. the ports are:

    IN UDP 6003
    IN UDP 7002
    IN UDP 27010
    IN UDP 27015
    IN UDP 27025

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