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Breaking Bad on in 4mins.

I was just sitting here thinking we have not seen Walt's son so far in season 4, have we?
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  1. I really do love this show. but i think it has lost it's initial charm. the "adventure of Jesse and Walt" the two could bounce off each other like a bad check for drugs. which broke down during the second season. and it was quiet at first but now it's larger than life. but then it is Breaking Bad. and after the hellstorm of last seasons finale. maybe I missed something but I was thinking where's Walt Jr.?

    wow, nice opening segment. Walt and Skyler touched base. there's Walt Jr with the amazing confrontation with the Gale video and the mystery of the opening sceen.

    I will never forgive Skyler for cheating on Walt which he has yet to confront her about.
  2. Only one more season and its over. Was hoping Walt would become a kingpin himself...instead..we will see him give it all up and go back to be a normal guy working at the car wash. Jessie will always be a loser.
  3. I had no idea, but it makes sense now. a planned end to the show...

    the show could go 10 seasons easy, too bad too bad...

    Gus was fantastic tonight.
  4. i really love this show, i saw the first 3 seasons and im addicted, im coming from Germany and breaking bad is only played in the middle of the night at a little french/german tv programm and im so exited to watch season four (but in the internet,if any body has a good site, tell me :) ) and mostly when im watching breaking bad im just thinking about that walt should get this dumbhead Jese out of his ass ( i know without him the show wherent so funny as it is right now) but i think you all know what i mean , for example why did he started the relationship to Jese again after he met GUS !? soooo a lot of question and i will watch the fourth season and let you know if i share the same opinion like you guys...nice day!
  5. yea, there are all sorts of unanswered questions. too many for the show to be almost over.

    it's hard to be critical about the show just based on that because of the great drama and action. but now Walt is down and out and Jesse CAN make the formula to 96.3 pure or whatever it was.

    I think this last episode shows Gus is not willing to give up Walt and even surprisingly Jesse. Gus is cold blooded and he would not give in to the Cartel. but he still kept his men.

    the story line is getting weak with Skyler trying to get in with Walt like maybe just a lil desperate. Walt bought the car for Walt Jr. and then he "fake" breaks down and cries in front of Jr. and thats about it. I don't know what happened to Hank's wife. now that the show is coming to and end and Hank is soo close they will stop stringing us along with that one.

    they still owe us though, closure to all the questions and cliffhangers. that was the theme of the show after all Walt's journey into this and how he deals with it. there is definitely some lack there.

    Skyler still does not know Walt has killed. they fact that Skyler cheated has never been confronted as far as I know. maybe she didn't really do it. Something is missing. I don't think the writers did it on purpose but maybe cut little corners here and there.
    It's still a great show though. one of the best ever. a joy to watch every episode. maybe they will surprise us and keep the show going.
  6. Oscar. Oscar. Oscar.
  7. I didn't wanna read the other comments because I've only seen up to season 3 but man this is a great show. I think I went through the first 3 seasons in like less than 2 weeks. Can't believe Malcolm's dad is making meth now :P
  8. well, I missed the finale, like a dumbass.

    the fact that the show has a planned end is really killing the momentum for me.

    I'm not sure if I believe Walt ends up working at the carwash, Jessie is Jessie but may finish a hero. I had high hopes for the show. too many loose ends but o well.

    guess Skylers little fling finally caught up with Walt though.

  9. Aww you missed the finale?? It was insane, that one scene with Gus blew my mind (pun intended)
  10. blew my mind? you mean gus' mind. nest month ppl lilly of the valley, remember? ill say no more, im anticipating an awesome season
  11. Breaking bad is my one of the most favorite tv show.I watched it ever season with full interest.When i missed it any show than i watched it online.There i like to watch many tv show like as Dexter,X factors ,Family Guys etc......
  12. I am not trying to offend anyone, but Walt's son seems to be getting less and less retarded as the episodes go by
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