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In the past, there have been some "misconceptions" about x64 operating systems (no drivers, programs don't work, etc) - but Windows 7 (as Vista sort of already has) promises the ultimate experience by going with a 64bit option, as well as pretty much full hardware and software support. So, which version will you be buying (or using)? What are your thoughts? I am interested in all feedback. Thanks!
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  1. i think that with the new operating system, the drivers will come in both varieties . it's not the days of xp 64bit where no one knew about and wrote any drivers. 64bit is the future.
  2. 64 all the way. As godless said drivers are pretty much sorted now unless the hardware is 4+ years old, and even then it'll mainly be webcams and printers that will cause problems.
  3. I've been 64 bit since Vista was released. Not looking back.

    All Gateway desktops are 64 bit. Most Gateway Laptops are 64 bit.

    Dell Desktops, except their value lines, are all64 bit. Their better Laptops are also 64 bit.

    Any HP computer sold with more than 3GB of memory is 64 bit.

    If the above means nothing to you, here's a Hint: OEMs are already selling 64 bit computers to "Mom and Pop". These are the same people who think that a 'Driver' is the person with their hands on the steering wheel. If there were any issues out of the ordinary, that wouldn't happen.
  4. Since I have an I7-920 with 6gb, It would have been a waste to have gotten Win 7 Ultimate RTM 32 bit. Bt the way, I am a technet plus subscriber.
  5. I've done some polls before here and elsewhere and roughly 85% of the people are using or will be using X64.I am not worried about driver incompatabilty with Win7 64 at all.Infact the majority of people who use it will be using x64 so they will have to support it.
  6. I went 64 bit back when Vista first came out (actually I was playing with RC's and Beta's) and at first there was all kinds of driver issues and all kinds of software issues but they fixed all that almost at launch and then SP1 really got things ironed out big time.

    If your not already running 32 bit and have no reason to upgrade I would stick with it but if your building a new system or upgrading an old one or just planning a reinstall. I recommend going 64 bit, its more secure and the software is starting to get around so its a good time now :)

    If you go 32 bit now in a year or two you may be kicking yourself when you want to add more RAM for that new application that wants gobs of RAM.....
  7. We are standing on the threshold of a 64-bit computing world. You may not need 64 bit quite yet, but putting a 32-bit OS on a new system today spells early obsolescence.
  8. Considering that for beyond 3GBs of system RAM (and Vista/7 loves 4GB+ of RAM) you need 64bit and most programs properly coded for 64bit tend to run much faster 64bit.

    32bit is nice and old but we need to finally move forward. Lagging behind like this just causes us to stay in the past and stagnate progress, and yes we the consumers can stagnate progress just as much as the companies can.
  9. There really isn't anything wrong with x64 Win 7. If an old device is not supported in Win 7 x64, there is also a very good chance that it also isn't supported on x86.

    In this case most would just love to be prepared.
  10. only things i find that suck about 64 bit are programs that have limited support for 64 bit, such as object dock.
  11. Went x64 when Vista was first released. Haven't looked back since. I've also been debunking the rumors going around my office (large corporate office btw, 1800+ people in the building) that 64 bit Windows simply doesn't work. I show off my spare system running Windows Vista (now running 7) x64 and bring up the device manager showing that drivers for every device are installed and working properly. People here have started taking the hint. Hopefully more people in the general population will too.
  12. windows 7 x64

    i haven't seen the reason for using a 32bit OS in a few years now

    though the 32bit key works it 64bit (if retail or from msdnaa)
  13. at this present time 64 bit has taken over the retail market!!!!!!!
  14. More RAM at last ^_^

    now just waiting for my pre-order to arrive...

    Then hopefully soon combining with a nice 5870. Good Times :)
  15. Two gigs of RAM is almost standard, therefore any upgrade would bring it to four gigs as the prices are low and the mother boards are dual channel. The only way to fully utilize the four gigs of RAM is to have a x64 OS.

    The driver issues are more or less ironed out because companies are realizing that 64 bit is where everything is heading.
  16. a 32 bit operating system isn't called x32 it's called x86 and it all depends on hardware
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