HELP ~ I Notice Pixels???!! ~ HELP

Hey everyone, today I received my new laptop and have an question boggling my mind.

When comparing the newer version laptop with an older laptop (both are Sony Vaio S series) I can notice the pixels (the little squares) alot easier on the better and newer Vaio S series laptop. Both are at 1600x900 resolution so I am very stunned as to why that is. I also only notice these pixels (tiny squares) on lower resolution displays like the 1366x728 displays.

I also notice that the whites (eg. from the Google homepage) is better in the older Vaio than the new Vaio S series.

The only positive about the new Vaio S series is the colors are more vibrant.
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  1. What size are the displays? 1600x900 @ 17" 1600x900@ 14"?

    Turn down the brightness of the new LCD screen. Are the pixels less noticeable now?
    Turn up the brightness of the old LCD screen. Are the pixels more noticeable now?
  2. Hey thanks for the quick response.

    Sorry for the confusion.

    Both laptops are 13.3" at 1600x900 and at the same brightness levels. (Not sure if everyone's knows what I am talking about by saying "Pixels are more noticeable"...
  3. I have a good idea;

    Check your check on the pixel dot pitch specs for each of the models? Any difference there?
    It might be listed as something like Pixel Resolution Pitch 0.1935 mm

    Beyond that, the only thing I can think or ATM is the relative brightness of one screen vs the other makes them more apparent.
  4. OMG! Thanks so much!

    I just went to an Pixel Resolution Pitch Calculator and with the new Vaio S at 1600x900, it was detected as 1506x847 and the old Vaio S version is indeed 1600x900.....

    What is going on there? That must be the key!

    PS: I also want to add that texts are easier and less "blurry" to read on the older Vaio S Series....

    I am now totally confused...
  5. runordie said:
    it was detected as 1506x847
    definitely something going on there. It's a hardware 1600x900 pixel LCD screen.

    I wonder if that could be some driver issue?
    Are there any return to 'default setting options' that you can see?
  6. I'm thinking the laptop and screen is trying to figure out how to switch on 1506x847 'logical pixels' on a screen that has 1600x900 actual pixels.

    Have there been any software programs loaded (not installed at the factory) that might mess around with display settings?
  7. Nope, I actually just turned on my laptop and really didn't do anything to it yet.

    What's weird is that my older version of Vaio S has indeed 1600x900...
  8. Did you use to test your resolution?
    What does Control Panel Display settings tell you?

    Google isn't turning up anything useful on 1506x847 resolution
    -> except that you're not alone with that being detected on sites like
  9. From Screen Resolution, it's telling me it's at 1584x891...

    I am using 100% default DPI
  10. I think you'd better run this by Sony Tech Support.

    The only other suggest I can think of is to go ahead and use Display Manager and change to some of the other optional settings (1366x768 or 1280x720 for example) and see if you notice any changes in the texture of the pixels.
    If you have a magnifying glass you should be able to visualize the individual physical pixels.
  11. I was using 105% DPI before...I am really stuck...
  12. Where are you seeing that option?
  13. Right click on Screen Resolution and then click on "Make my texts bigger and smaller" and then there is an full list of settings on the left hand side.
  14. If I go on 1366x768p, I get 1352x760 resolution...
  15. Have you tried plugging in external TV/Monitors to try and narrow this down?

    Don't forget, in the states you have 7-30 days to get your cash back depending in which state you live in (after receiving the package), anything more and the law is not 100% on your side any more, and good luck.

    Just saying, Plan on not getting stuck with a "refurbished" or defective unit if it comes to that.
  16. So my best bet is to talk to Sony Rep?

    Are there any other ideas or solutions I can try and solve at home?
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