Can you take a look at my iPad's screen?

So, I bought my first iPad, the New iPad, about three weeks ago, and a week or so ago the screen started turning yellow after long periods of use. I returned it, and because it was past the 14 day return period, they gave me a refurb. The refurb had issues with wifi and there were marks on the aluminium back so I returned it and got another refurb. Straight away I noticed I had no hint of a yellow tinge on my screen, however, when I compare it with my brothers iPad, I noticed a difference between the screens. I've got some pictures, and I was wondering if you could possibly take a look and tell me what you think? Is this new iPad worthy of keeping?

Brothers iPad:

My iPad:

General comparison shots. My iPad is always on the right.

iPad Comparison pictures by henrysickle - Photobucket

What do you think? A keeper, or should I exchange it?

Many thanks.
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  1. I would have kept the original, they gave you a refurb? Total con job that was. By law they have to replace it with a new one or fix yours if there is a fault.
    But if it was going yellow just sounds like the old glue on the screen issue. If you had stuck with it then most likely it would have solved it self over a few weeks or so.

    Personally I would ask for a full refund form the store you bought it at, 14 days or not.
    Any company that can sell you something new at say £400, then give you a refub 3 weeks later which is probably only worth £200 instead of replacing the defective product with a new one of equal value should be taken to court, that's just criminal
  2. I would have kept the original, but when I took it to the Apple store, when they compared it with other iPad's they said that it 'wasn't right', and offered me a replacement. I tried to get a new one, but it's Apple's policy to only give you a refurbishment after the 14 day return period, provided it's a hardware fault. The refurbs are 'Apple Certified' refurbishments, which are essentially brand new. They sell for like £25/$50 less than 'new' iPad's.

    This one is far better than my previous two, there doesn't appear to be a hint of anything, but I can't really tell. I've been comparing and looking online, hence me coming here to see if other can see if there may be a problem on mine where ANOTHER replacement may be warranted?

    Does my screen look good, or still not as good as my bro's? It's kinda annoying, because I bought mine to use as a digital portfolio for job interviews, he bought his for web surfing, and, compared to my first one, he had a far superior screen. I'm just hoping the one I have now is good.
  3. Hi :)

    CLOSING due to age...

    All the best Brett :)
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