Narrowed it down (almost)

Ok, I've been researching buying a gaming laptop and want to keep it under $1200.

I am in CANADA, so no links to Ameican websites please.

Mostly what I'm looking for is thoughts on build quality and pros/cons between the:

Lenovo Y580 -


By the way, that MSI is the better specs between the two (7200 VS 5400 RPM, 1080 vs 768)

The MSI has an anti glare screen but the laptop I've had for 5 years is glossy and I'm used to it. I am totally on the fence between these two. They have very similar specs and prices, although the Y580 edges it out in price a little bit. Any one know the build quality of either of these laptops?

Keep other suggestions to:
1080p (I'd prefer 1200p but oh well)
660M and up

Also, a general question about blu-ray drives. The Y580 says blu-ray/dvd combo. Can I burn dvd's (don't care about blu-ray) with that drive?
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  1. I have heard people recommend the Lenovo before. Should be able to burn DVD's with a BR/DVD.
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