Possible optimus issue

I have a dell xps 15, intel core i7, nvidia 525m card.

Games run perfectly fine on it, 30fps+ on everything I play on high settings (bf3/shogun 2/dayz etc)

However, recently, I have been using my tv to game - on fifa, just cause, batman arkham city - *** that needs a gamepad. Again evertyhing runs fine there.

The problem is that now, without my TV plugged in games run like ***. They run fine whenever I am on hdmi, awful when I'm just on the laptop screen. I'm not sure if it's a Nivdia optimus issue, an intel issue or a dell issue...

Any help?
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  1. "Awful" isn't enough of a description here. Do you get a big framerate drop, or glitches, or crashes, or what?
    When you play on the laptop screen, are you sure you're going back to its proper resolution and not staying on the TV's resolution?
  2. I assumed run like *** and awful would be enough of a description as to how the games are performing. If i had crashes, or glitches, or what, I'd have said that. But it just runs badly. awful would be a better word to describe how they run.

    but since they are apparently not. The game just runs badly.

    very low fps. the run awfully. Like *** some would say. almost unplayable. like 10-13fps.

    and it's my laptops resolution, I game at 720p, sine most games are designed for 720p. Also I'm not yanking out the hdmi mid gaming sesh. And why would a 1368x76 laptop try and run at 1080p?

    I could reboot the laptop, game, run bad.

    plug into tv, restart game runs perfect

    *** me
  3. What happens when you use the TV as an extended desktop and try gaming on each screen?
  4. kajabla said:
    What happens when you use the TV as an extended desktop and try gaming on each screen?

    I don't know. Why would I do that? it would jut have a negative affect on performance regardless. That's irrelevant anyway

    I think the issue is the nvidia card isn't engaging on my laptop unless hdmi is in. (despite all my attempts to force it on)

    ******* optimus.
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