Laptop for Around 450-500

Budget: under 1000, preferably around 500
Want to be able to play games like Skyrim, Modern Warfare, Minecraft, and Halo.
School Stuff: Word, Powerpoint, etc.
Video Editing: Enough memory for a fair amount of videos, be able to run Premier and After Effect.
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  1. What are you talking about - under 1000 British Pounds? No problem.

    If you're talking US Dollars, forget about it. Youll never find a machine for 500 that will run Adobe Premiere and After Effects

    Well, let me say that I would certainly never use the one that will load them, it'll take years to get anything done!
  2. Okay so let's say a little higher. Right now I really don't mind the price but I don't want to overpay for a computer. What would be an accurate price?
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