Anyone experienced with the MSI X460DX? If not, with MSI laptops?

This one:

It is by far the cheapest I can find (in Australia) that is more or less exactly what I'm looking for, that being a highly portable (for university purposes) laptop with somewhat decent gaming capabilities.

So a few questions...

1) (Skip this if you've never used a X460DX, obviously) Is the X460DX of a good build quality and reliability? I've read that the touchpad can get quite hot when gaming, but that doesn't really concern me as long as this isn't doing any long-term damage to the laptop. Are there other things I should be aware of?

2) What is MSI's general laptop quality reputation like? I'd never even heard of them before recently.

3) Am I right in thinking the GT540M (aka GT630M) shouldn't have too much trouble playing practically all games, even if that means playing at low-mid settings for some demanding games like Skyrim? Especially seeing as this laptop maxes out at 1366x768.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. Bump.

    Anyone? Even just telling me about MSI's reputation would be helpful. Are they known for making decent laptops?
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