Need Help with Picking out a Laptop

Hey everyone,

I am going to college soon and am looking for a good laptop. I am open to anything, including Clevo/Asus/MSI/Lenovo. My budget could go up to $2500 if it is a laptop that seems perfect for me.

My Needs:
- Use it for a whole day of college without charging (not gaming at this time, just basic tasks)
- Ability to play games well (Diablo, CoD, BF3, Fallout, Skyrim, etc.)
- Durability

My Wants:
- 1080p screen (15-17 inch)
- Lowest cost as possible
- SSD boot speed and load times
- good amount of storage (500 GB- 1 TB)

Any ideas to help me out would be great. Thanks in advance. If I left any important information out then just let me know.
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  1. I grabbed a Samsung series 7 about 2 months ago with the new i7 3615m and Nvidea 640M gpu. It boots fast and play D3 and sc2 reasonably well. When just doing word processing I get about 5-6 hours depending on screen brightness. The laptop is also very easy to carry around since its not a gigantic brick.

    The only drawback is the fact that its a 1600x900 resolution screen.
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    I'm not sure about the battery life but this laptop below covers everything else.
    It's really a perfect balance between performance and efficiency.

    Everything above that is too much if you ask me.

    Or just customise this laptop untill you like it.
    It's a lot more powerfull than the first one (for games)
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