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I am having a power/charging issue with my 5740, and I would appreciate any insight anyone may have. Several things I have noticed:

1. The charging port and connector get VERY hot when plugged in and battery is inserted.
2. During boot, an alarm (beep) sounds for a few seconds.
3. If battery is removed, and connector is plugged in, the indicator will light up, but it will not boot. The connector does not appear to heat up when no battery is present.

Is this a problem with the charging port? It does NOT appear to be loose at all. I am using a replacement battery as the first one stopped taking a charge, but have been using this new battery for almost a year without problems.


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  1. Before I pull this thing apart and replace the DC jack, risking further damage, I would really like to hear from someone who may have more experience in this matter...anyone?
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