Acer Aspire 5741g Not Booting shuts down without starting

Acer Aspire 5741G Intel Core i5-430 M processor 2.26Ghz, 3mb L3 Cache - 6 cell Li-ion batery 4Gb Memory ATI Mobility Radeon HD


Turns on for a few seconds before switching off- each time it starts up it stays on for random times beofe shutting down but does not boot up.

Problem first occurred after it switched itself off.

Any suggestions please?
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    I am thinking your laptop got overheated and thermally shut down. Once that happens on many models, the CPU temp sensor gets put out of whack. A suggested method to "fix" that (not my method although I have tried it) is to place the laptop (battery removed) in a sealed plastic bag and freeze it for about 60-90 minutes. Remove it from the freezer but do NOT remove it from the sealed plastic bag for 2+ hours. After then, remove it from the plastic but let it sit for another 2 hours or so (to ensure all condensation has evaporated. Replace battery, try then.
    Worth noting about laptops, it is very important to make sure that adequate airflow is provided to the vents on the bottom - a lap or bed (or other soft surface) is not a healthy place for a running laptop. A cooling pad (I highly recommend this) will do wonders to keep temps controlled.
    Hope it helps - I fear if it does not then it may be a problem requiring professional services.
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  2. Thanks for the idea, i will have to find a bigger freezer....I now have the problem computer and can confirm it only start up for less than 2 seconds, also the battery does not seem to be charging.
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  3. Another issue which may apply here is a broken power jack. You might google Broken Power Jack and see if that might be the issue. Could cause the same symptoms...
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  4. thank you, I will look into that to.
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  5. I've got the same problem and i've just changed my fan and the airflow is cool not even a little bit warm! The power jack is fine too ! Any suggestions?
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