HP Pavilon dv6 cant connect to wifi

HP Pavilon dv6 cant connect to wifi
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  1. Vin M said:
    HP Pavilon dv6 cant connect to wifi

    do the wifi card see the ssid of any wifi station?? if it does then on your wifi you need to put in a wep key or other password to log on. wifi will send out there ssid names but if you dont know the password you cant log on. if there no wep key or password check the router to see how it set up...b/g or n speed. some chipsets for wifi dont work with all wifi cards.
  2. it was working fine, but now there is a yellow light on the fn12 key for the wifi, and I dont have a wireless netork adaptor in the device manager
  3. check to see if it still turned on in the bios.if not it may have a hardware issue.
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