Heatpipe on a 6800NU?

I just got an eVGA 6800nu, upgraded from a 9600xt. With the XT I installed one of the heatpipe vga coolers from zalman. I see now they have one with dual heatpipes + ramsinks. Was thinking about that and the optional 80mm fan that screws onto the side of the heatsink. Was just wondering if anyone else has used these on these newer cards. Thanks.
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  1. Hello,
    How did you find the coloration that 6800 generated when compared to that of ATI 9600 ?
    I have two desktop. One with TI4600, and the other with ATI 9700Pro. Just find that ATI produce more vivid and colorful image while that of TI4600 is dull and not so colorful.
    Since you switch from ATI to newest Geforce, do you think the 6800 is comparable to 9600 regarding the quality of color and image?

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