650m DDR3 vs 650m DDR5

Sup folks !

am confused on which to 1 to buy ..

Hpdv6t-7000 or an Asus N56VZ

an i5 3210 with a 2GB DDR5 GT650m or an i7 3610 2GB DDR3 GT650m..
Its for playing BF3 !

awaiting your response
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  1. sorry folks .. its gddr3 nd gddr5 comparisons am looking for
  2. Typically, the faster graphics memory does make a difference. I'm not extremely familiar with how BF3 is for CPU vs GPU bottlenecking, but I believe that the better GPU would be a good choice.

    Also, it looks like the Asus is DDR3 while the HP is GDDR5.

    Can you link the actual notebooks you are looking at? I found the asus with an array of config options, but I'm not finding the HP with an i5 available.
  3. thanks for the reply buddy !
    the HP link --- http://www.gaminglaptopsjunky.com/super-deal-hp-pavilion-dv6t-7000-15-6-gaming-laptop-intel-i5-3210qm-nvidia-gt-650m-2gb-gddr5-fullhd-display-6gb-ddr3-memory-640gb-hdd-780-coupon-code-nby8552/

    I basically have 3 options to choose from .

    1. Hp - the one above
    2. Y580 with Full HD using the coupon from this http://www.gaminglaptopsjunky.com/ [...] 5-vs-ddr3/
    ( the 2nd one .. its 500GB hard disk and not 1tb as mentioned )
    3. Asus N56VZ for rnd abt $1000

    which one do i buy if money is not an issue

    an i5 3210 with 2Gb Gt 650m GDDR5 or an i7 2GB GTX660m or an i7 2GB 650m GDDR3 of asus .

    i read most blogs and forums and found that there is nothing much btw 650 and 660x .. So wats the difference btw gddr3 nd gddr5 .. is it a lot ??

    it looks lk y580 beats them all but i heard asus is known for gaming nd stuff ..
    just compare the 3 models and point ur finger at one
  4. The Lenovo y580 seems to be the best perfomance one, with an i7, better GPU than the other 2, and GDDR5. In general looks like a good deal, and will give better gaming performance than the other two. (Assuming I see the correct y580, your link got parsed wrong http://www.gaminglaptopsjunky.com/lenovo-ideapad-y580-15-6-gaming-laptop-209945u-i7-3610qm-cpu-gtx-660m-2gb-gddr5-gpu-8gb-ddr3-1600mhz-500gb-hdd-fullhd-display-999-lenovo-site/). As long as you don't mind spending the extra money for more performance, go for this one. It also appears to be pretty rugged, which is common for lenovo's I believe.

    Between the other two, I think the HP should be better gaming. I don't think the i7 will be worth losing the GDDR5 on the GPU. But neither of the two is a bad laptop, and really you could throw the decision either way based on other features you want, quality, or brand preference.

    edit: Though the HP looks like it's a 2nd gen i5, which will be a little less powerful and use more battery.
  5. Quote:
    The GDDR5 is faster. In this case it's not just some different memory, but it really has an impact on performance:

    The GT 650M is in such a level where is can really benefit from the bandwidth that the GDDR5 allows.

    That's a pretty awesome article, I was a little dissapointed where the blank spots fell in the chart, but it looked like the GDDR5 did have a pretty pronounced effect (looking at Mass Effect and Dirt3), woulda liked to see Skyrim on there.

    Also, it shows you where the 650m benched in battlefield3 , it's looking pretty battered at 34fps@ 1366×768 high -AA 16xAF on the 650m 2GB GDDR5 model with an I7-3720QM. If you want to play full HD, it appears that it may really be worth the extra $$ for the Lenovo.
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