ICS Problem trying connect a sat reciever to the internet by way of my laptop th

I am trying to connect my ilink 9000+ reciever to the internet via my dell laptop. The laptop is connected to the internet via wireless card.
I am getting limited on the ipv4 and ipv6 settings.
I am using a straight cat5e cable form the reciever to the laptop.
I hae attempted to use the ICS setting , but to know availe.
My computer skills are limited, but I can follow instructions.

When I connect the receiver directly to my verizon modem all is well.

I need to use he ics setup elsewhere where a free wifi signal is near by.
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  1. You need a crossover cable if you are going to connect the receiver to your laptop.
  2. I have tried that already with no luck.

    The only thing I have noticed was the on the status page I would see sent ok recieved 0. Then later I would see sent 0 recieved ok.
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